PRODUCTS & SERVICES for the Industry

MENGIA designs and produces a wide range of its own products. MENGIA’s product range covers all application and installation fields and is divided into 3 main categories,

  • Vehicle Gaskets
  • Industrial Gaskets
  • Custom Constructions for Specialized Applications.

Below are presented some of MENGIA’s product categories for the Industry, as well as some Custom Products & Constructions.*

Custom Products are considered to be special constructions designed and manufactured by MENGIA and intended for specialized use.
Generally, they involve constructions or products which are not commercially available and require precise engineering design, special know-how, and construction with the appropriate materials and raw materials.

Products & Services for the Industry

MENGIA designs and manufactures Seals, Gaskets and Spare Parts for the majority of the modern Industrial Machinery and Equipment.

The following list is only indicative of the MENGIA products variety. For a full list of our products for vehicles of any kind, please contact our sales department.